About me and Threat Lounge

Threat Lounge was a project born in the summer of 2020 focusing on malware analysis with the intent of creating interesting reports about newer threats and how they worked.

The journey wasn't always easy and gave up twice, deleting all the content I had because I thought they were not good enough.

I was never happy about the end results, hoping the next report would be better and would provide a deeper analysis than the last one, leading to a toxic slippery slope that stopped me from continuing for a few months.


Curious and patient by design, I focus my strenghts into researching new and exotic cyber threats.

By getting the opportunity to experiment and discover interesting behaviours used by malware, I successfully managed to gain enough experience (and courage) to build Threat Lounge, a blog where I write and document my journey, giving other a chance to follow right into my footsteps or take inspiration from my work.

I'm Andrei, a cyber threat intelligence analyst working to disrupt malicious actors by studying their behaviours, tools, techniques and procedures used to breach companies all over the world.

My story is pretty boring, nothing comparable to what everyone says on LinkedIn or Twitter where they have been coding since they were in kindergarden or hacking the NASA with HTML. The only similarity that I have with everyone else was that at the beginning of my journey, I wanted to be a penetration tester.

As you would have probably guessed, that desire did not end well due to lack of motivation but, in a hot summer, I stumbled upon a malware analysis course and some friends who were professionally developing malware for red teams.

Mentoring opportunities for students

While I do not possess years and years of experience under my belt, I quickly managed to adapt my knowledge and thinking from being a student up to working in a SOC, giving me the chance to learn different things at once and how all these little pieces fit into the bigger picture.

If you are a student or someone who's willing to pivot to cyber security, feel free to drop an email to andrei at threatlounge dot com and ask right away!